2005 Mustang Gt With No Tail Lights


New Member
Nov 12, 2013
i have a 2005 mustang.. when i turn the park light on , the tail lights come on for a second and then go off. Every other light on the car works perfectly fine. And like i say BOTH taillights come on for a brief moment and then go off. I do have the American Muscle Raxiom lights with LED and sequential s. I have unplugged both the taillights and put a test light on the plug. The test light comes on and goes off right away just like the taillights. So we know its not a fuse and ive eliminated the taillights them selves.. any suggestions?
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I would check for a bad ground near the lights (Follow the wires and see if a wire breaks out and screws to the chassis). Also perhaps a burned relay under the hood. Might be making contact when it first clicks, but to burned to hold it.

When you fix it I would love to hear the fix, this could be a tough one. Good Luck!