2009 Mustang standard equipment

I think it's interesting the moves Ford is making on the standard equipment for the 2009 stang.

Ambient lighting is now standard on premium pkgs... along with aluminum dash applique and all that was the premium interior package. Damn... wish that was the case with the '08s.

I am also surprised there will be Bullitts in 2009. I thought this would be a 40-th anniversary edition to celebrate the movie... meaning one year only.

Also... new exterior color: Brilliant silver.

There are so many gray/silver paint colors on the mustang I am surprised they added another.

Too bad Ford didn't include a Mach 1 or Boss pkg for the 2009s. That would have been cool to see a BOSS to commemorate the 40th anniv of the '69.
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Playing with my wife's really makes me want one.
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May 23, 2004
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I'm pretty sure the Bullitts are being run in 2009 also, just so they can hit the 7700 they planned on manufacturing. They brought the Bullitt out so late in the MY, they pretty much had no choice if they were going to hit that number.

I agree, way too many silver colors. I liked Mineral Grey, and Vapor is similiar. I like Alloy, as I think it's kind of "black without the hassle", but where's the Calypso Coral or Grabber Blue?

The Mach 1 is coming. I believe 2011 is the year of the Mach 1. No firm info on the Boss.


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Now that the pollen is starting to hit, I have discovered Alloy is not "Black without the hassle" like I thought it would be - although I still wouldn't even hesitate if I had to do it again. Dark, is your 2007 the Alloy or the red?

If they come out with the Mach 1 or Boss sooner than 2011, I'll much more strongly consider staying in the Mustang arena rather than saving up to make a reasonable down payment on a Vette.