Expired 2012 Mustang Gt 13.2" Rotors And Loaded Calipers - 0 Miles

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Feb 21, 2007
I bought these a few months ago from Roush Racing, to adapt to my 1968 Mustang. I've switched directions on that car (or, just come to admit that my Granada discs are adequate and I won't really be doing any track days).
The calipers and discs are still in the original (unopened) Roush boxes. Roush said they took these off of a 2012 GT with 0 miles - I assume they were prepping it for their own equipment.

I'm in Portland, Oregon. Ideally if you're in the NW we could just meet up. I would prefer local pickup.

I'm driving to Seattle next week and could potentially deliver or meet up on the I5 corridor if it worked out. These things are kinda heavy, so shipping would be a pain. But I'd consider it if buyer paid for it.

Text me at 5o3 953 2170 for pictures.
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Not open for further replies.