SOLD 2013 Boss 302 Grabber Blue True Forged Wheels First $39,500..possible Terminator Trade!

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Apr 21, 2005
Xmas special to sell fast $39,500 with the TF wheels

Just bought it a few months ago and Obamacare has killed my monthly income due to loss of what was free single coverage insurance. Thanks Obummer! That coupled with a 6th straight year with no cost of living raise means I need to cut some costs. Please note this doesn't mean I am desperate and have to sell, I don't, just thinking that no car payment and still have a great mustang would help me sleep better at night.
I was kicking around the idea of trading way down and going back to a convertible terminator, sonic blue or mystichrome mainly (but may consider a really low mile CO, redfire, or white). Not looking for anyone else's problem but mods are ok, just not something with issues. Already have an ex-wife to cover that area. No high mile cars either. Mid 30's would be as many as I would want to consider.

Anyone out there with a MINT (say again MINT) SB or mystichrome convertible that has been wanting to go with a new Boss? This one is absolutely mint, not a scratch, dent, ding, booger on the hood, nada. Only upgrades are the K&N, FRPP T springs and the True Forged Victory wheels. It has the owner's pack and all associated paperwork. 13,100 miles. I went over this car for two days with Wolfgang Uber Compound, then Finishing Glaze, third stage Deep Gloss Sealant then topped with Black Diamond Midnight Sun Ivory carnuaba. It's as wet looking as a freshly washed car :beer: It does have the remainder of the full factory 3/36 warranty. No issues whatsoever. It is 99.9% perfect, the only flaws are 2-3 pinhead sized rock chips that have been touched up on the front end. Tiny tiny tiny but that is how anal I am, every flaw has been noticed and described.

Check my feedback on (+162) or Ebay (+407) under "coolcobramatt" for references. My feedback speaks for itself. Price is firm at $39,500. Priced cheaper than any other 2013 (and most 2012's) to save myself personal property taxes. Price jumps $700 Jan. 1 2014. Any questions call me at 270-564 four four 12. I am located 2 hrs from Nashville, 3 from St. Louis, 5 from Chicago and 4 from Atlanta.

All options except car cover (does have Torsen and Recaro seats). More pics available, just email me. [email protected]
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