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There's a 24hr Starbucks down there? Must be for those hard core/graveyard shift coffee drinkers. I'd love to come, but that's a wee bit far. I just started going to the Starbucks in Puyallup on Friday nights. Let's me stretch the legs on my pony without using the entire tank of gas.
I'll try to make it later that evening, but can't stay real late as I've got to get up early to work at the Champ Car race the next day at PIR. My company sponsors a race car owned through Paul Newman/Haas Racing and I need to work the pits....
03yellowvenom said:
Last night I stopped by after work and we were there until after 3.OO AM. By the way it was great seeing you again Cory, its been awhile,also Paul and Jerry its always a pleasure needlesss to say,see you guys saturday nite :nice:

I love that Yellow with chrome Ed..just cant get enough of that..and the new cat back sure sounds nice bro :nice:

I wont be able to make it this wkend. Next Saturday is the ash bash for those intrested..its at the Clark County fair grounds

Phil, we stay out quite late most of the times..so you showing up around midnight is not an issue, we'll still be there :D