28 to 31 spline differential


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Jan 12, 2000
Ocean Springs MS
Can you change a 28 spline traction lock differential to a 31 spline by just changing the side gears?

Never heard anyone mentioning it, but I thougt it might be possible.

Otherwise, are 31 spline axles worth the cost to upgrade to?

I want a strong 8.8 with c clip elims, etc, that will survive some more nitrous.....

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YOu could if you really wanted to,,you would have to put 31 spline spider gears in it..and also bore out the pin shaft out bigger...you are better off just gettin a used on or brand new 31 spline unit
i believe all 4 of the spider gears are beefier in the 31 spline unit. that's part of what makes it a stronger differential. i don't think you can change just the side gears, you'd have to change the other two. i'm pretty sure, but i could be wrong about that. but then, like 1Quik85GT said, you have the problem of the thicker shaft not fitting through the hole on the 28 spline unit. also, the rebuild kits are the same. overall, it would be alot better just to go to a junkyard a pull one out of a bronco, F150, etc. i believe it is a worhty upgrade if you want to launch hard.