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Feb 27, 2006
melfort, sk
just curious what are some of your mustangs doing in the 1/4 with 300/400rwhp.

after i build up my truck i am going to try to find a lx fastback to swap all the pars over too.

or i could sell all my stuff and lease a 2006 mustang but being it would make more sence having a truck, it would be sweet to buy somthing brand new!
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powermaxx said:
i sure will do that i would like to take my truck to the dyno b4 and after the mods.

so what ru running in the 1/4 what kind of hp do you have?
i wouldnt try to make any assumpitons on what you would run going by our #s....you have a HUGE weight penalty on you
my bro inlaw has a 47 dodge pick-up with a 440 bb in it and 150hp shot of juice. i would say he is close to me in power. he wieghs 3800lbs and the best he could muster on the same day was a 13.3 on the juice.