3000 posts! Post your pics!


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Nov 29, 1999
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Not really a milestone, but somehow passed 3000 post. I am sure it would be much higher if the talk section always counted post! Post a couple pics with a brief description.

1998GT, svo heads, svo blower, no pics.....:nonono:

1998GT, 2 full PI swaps, 3 motors, first car to run Erson reground cams(used lash caps under the lifters, and didn't work). My favorite car! Right before a 13.19 @ 104.71 in full street trim with heavy chrome wheels in November of 2000.
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1997GT, stock 2.73 gears(ack!) Boltons, 8.82 in the 1/8 mile. Car needed 3.73-4.10's. I sold it before I really started to mod it.


1998 4 runner, still have it at the river house, 285k and runs like a champ. I hope the gas peddle doesn't stick:rlaugh:

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First car, 1994 Nissan Pickup 150,000 miles and in immaculate condition.. I bought it, drove it for a year and sold it for 500 dollars more than I paid for it.:nice:

Second car, 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix, fishing in Galveston.. It got me around, but it was a crappy car, only 1 window worked, and it blew 2 intake gaskets while I had it.. Drove it for 2 years from 88000 miles to over 120000 miles.. unfortunately, I did not get a return on my investment on this one, i got about a quarter of what I paid for it when i sold it.. GM cars resale value sucks :nonono:

And we all know this one :nice:
My first ride 97 dakota

Second ride, was a POS, never will buy a Mitsubishi again, 91 eclipse GST

88 or 89 celica cant remember
Had to buy this car as a backup just to drive b/c my eclipse was such a POS, had 180k miles with a orig clutch....paid $500, and it was really dependable

95 formula

My 2nd Dakota 99 dakota


my Bike 2000 CBR F4

And then my First Stang 03

Have had about 5 other vehicles...but those are the only ones I have pictures of lol
Second ride, was a POS, never will buy a Mitsubishi again, 91 eclipse GST

That sucks. How fun was it? My buddy had a 1998gsx(all wheel drive) car, many years ago. That car was so much fun. We beat the hell out of it at every stop light when nobody was around
That sucks. How fun was it? My buddy had a 1998gsx(all wheel drive) car, many years ago. That car was so much fun. We beat the hell out of it at every stop light when nobody was around

When it was running, it was a blast to drive! the turbo really made the car. I only paid $2k for it, and sold it for $2500 a year later...I didnt have much money it as I fixed it myself, but I heard the day after I sold it the turbo went out.
First car - 2001 GT (bought brand new in late 00)

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Due to financial reasons, I lost her :(

Went from the GT to this....

2000 Pontiac Sunfire

Then I cracked the engine block and got stuck with this....

Volvo 960 (only pic i have, it was in even worse condition by the time I got it)

Then I was finally able to get back into a Mustang last May :hail2:

2002 GT (horrible pic but you get the idea)

^Oh and this pic is before the springs lol^

first ride 95 blazer bought from my mother and put a whole lot into and then sold it for my 92 park avenue with 64000 miles

then traded this for my 90 gt


sold my 90 for my 00gt my baby

Man, if this site counted talk posts, I would have way more than 3,000 posts. I don't have any pics of my 1st few cars, but they aren't important anyhow...

My 1st stang. 96 GT auto. Stock besides Bassani midpipe, Flowmaster's, & a K&N FIPK.


Then I picked up a little project car, 1971 Chevelle Malibu 350. I had many plans for this car, but never had the money & patience to do it right. It was rust free & pretty straight, but the pic makes it look worse than it was.


Then I sold the 96, & picked up my 2nd stang, a Rio Red 97 Cobra.


Did a few suspension, exhaust, & wheel mods....


I then picked up my DD, 1986 Jetta GLI.... Super clean for an all original car.



Lowered with 16" BBS's.


After this, I then picked up my 03 Mach 1. We all know about this car, so i will just post a few pics....

How it looked when I bought it....BONE STOCK!


In its current state...


I then got bored with driving the VW for a DD, & really wanted to get another stang for a dd. So i sold the VW to my dad, & reluctantly got rid of the 71 Chevelle & picked up this....

My 4th stang. Canary Yellow 95 GT. Bought it with 79k miles stock besides Flowmaster's.


Did a few choice exhaust, suspension & wheel mods.


Kept the car about a year & a half, & then traded it for this....

My baby, 91 LX Notch. It was stock AOD car with nothing but a BBK o/r H & a magnaflow catback.



Then this happened....


H/C/I & 5 speed swap, & shortly after a 5 lug, suspension & wheel swap...




So at this point, I needed a cheap DD again, so I got another old school VW from my dad. It was an 84 Rabbit GTI.



My dad then decided it was time for him to get rid of the 86 Jetta GLI, & since this car was so clean, I couldn't let it out of the Family, so I sold the rabbit & bought the jetta back from my dad. It is still my DD to this day...