4.6 in the 12s?

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Im shooting for the same thing, only better :)

Plans are: MMR Stage 2 Heads, VT Stage 2 Cams, LT's, on top of all my current mods and of course a good Dyno Tune once thats all installed. Im interested to see how the Edelbrock Manifold performs whenever it comes out, but thats not part of any plans, more or less curiosity.

Anyway, Im also going to beef up the rear end and run slicks (I may switch to 4.30s), already have LCA's and I'll probably do some weight reduction. Nothing serious like a K-member, but a rear seat delete for sure. Im hoping all this will put me in the mid-low 12 second range, if not better.
In 2003 I ran a 12.89 with the following....

Steeda Pullies
Steeda Timing adjuster
Drop-in K&N
MAC o/r x-pipe
Welded in Flowmaster 40's
Dynoed @ 238rwhp / 283rwtq

FRPP 4.10's
UPR shifter
King Cobra clutch

Fox-body 4cyl springs(NAPA #270-3060) up front w/ Lakewood 90/10 struts
Fox-body V8 springs (cut) w/ Monroe Sensi-tracs out back
No front swaybar
UPR sub-frame connectors

Front - 165x15 on 15x4 Telstars
Rear - 275x50x15 BFG Drag Radials on 15x8 Telstars

How do you want to get in the 12s? By the skin of your teeth on slicks, or EASY 12s? You CAN go 12s like these guys on some great DRs/slicks on a STICKY track (1.7ish 60's) and just make it...or you can get some power and make it nicely into the 12s with a 1.89 60' on nitto drs (bad prep) like me :D. If I were to pull some crazy 60s im sure 12.4 would be fairly easy.

So which is it? This will determine the answer greatly...