5.9 v8 supercharged?


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May 18, 2003

i think they made a typo lol or they just don't know what kind of car they own?

This is truly a Black Beauty. Tenth Anniversary Special. Two-tone black and red seats. 5.9 V8 supercharged with a 6 spd trans. This vehicle is fast! VERY FAST! HIT and Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No Lag! Rare vehicle. Almost assured you will own the only one on the block! Great sound system and tenth anniversary wheels. Rubbber like new. All tenth anniversary badging on vehicle.

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I emailed the seller. We'll see what kind of crap he/she replies with.

I am very interested in this car. I was curious as to who did the engine work and what parts were used to gain the extra displacement (5.9L vs. 4.6L stock). I've driven a stock '04 Cobra with the supercharged 4.6L, I can only imagine what the extra ~80 or so cubic inches did for the car's power.