67' no crank/no power to accessories


New Member
Jul 21, 2019
Lake Geneva Wisconsin
Hello everyone,
New member and first time poster. Hopefully this group can assist me with a problem I'm having.
I have a 67 stang old race car. It has a stewart Warner 240 electric fuel pump mounted in the back and in order to start the car you turn the ignition to on and then you can use the primer button mounted on the dash to cycle the pump up to the needed pressure and then you can start it. Well after the car sat over the winter the primer button would cycle the pump. So I checked the relay thinking maybe it gave out and it was fine. When I put the relay back in the ignition switch wont crank the motor and I now have no dash lights of any kind.

The headlights and wipers work just fine. I can turn the engine over from a push button mounted in the engine bay so I know the starter is fine. I replaced the oil pressure switch and ignition switch thinking maybe they gave out. The voltage regulator kept popping so I replaced that and still nothing. When I do turn the motor over from the engine bay the fuel pump light glows a little bit and the dash lights also but then nothing. All fuses are fine and I believe the grounds are okay as well.
Any tips would be incredibly grateful because at this point I am stumped

Attached is the interior pic. You see the red bulb which is supposed to glow when the ignition is on and the primer switch next to it


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