69 Restoration

This is my first restoration project and I am looking for tips from you guys that have already been through this. It was my first car, I've had it for 37 years. I just sent it off for body work and paint today. I'm doing a resto mod, I'm thinking rack and pinion power steering, A/C, things to make it more comfortable to drive. For the most part from the outside it will look stock.
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Have you looked at the Borgeson power steering setups? Easier on the wallet. The new A/C systems from Classic Auto Air and Vintage look phenomenal. If your going resto mod T-5 or AOD should definitely be on your list near the top.
I have not herd of Borgeson so I will be sure to check them out. I was just going to go with a C6 trans, but an overdrive would be really nice, so I will check that out and see what the price difference is. Thanks for the suggestions.