7.5 to 8.8...cut driveshaft??

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795.0pacecar said:
I think you have to modify the brake lines but thats nothing that a compression fitting cant fix, and no cutting, its a direct swap, 7.5 and 8.8 are about the same size in dimensions.

Compression fitting = BAD!!! Use a brake line union!!!
Didn't have to monkey anything on mine- went from a '79 6cyl. 7.5" to an '89 5.0 8.8" with no problems; no compression fittings, no unions. They were very different, but it all still bolted right up and worked. Same deal going from my '84 5.0 7.5" to a '90 5.0 8.8"- just took using the right parts from each. If you have complete lines now, you should have everything you need.

Oh- and yes, the driveshafts are the same.