79-82 Recaro Black And White Zig-zag Upholstery Finally Ready !!!


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Apr 19, 2011
Corona , California

One thing that is certain about us here at TMI .... WE......ARE.......PICKY.
So it has taken over 3 years for us to approve a reproduction of the material you see above.
We've had so many weavers take a shot at it - but it took this long for one of them to get it right, and my hat is tipped to them for doing so! And let me tell you, a roll of this laid out on the cutting table is enough to give you a migraine and possibly a seizure!

This upholstery was only used from 1979-1982 on very specific models - so for those of you that have been waiting 30 years for new covers, your time has finally come :) These sets will be up on our site today by lunch - and I have it under good authority that our buds over at Latemodel Resto plan to have these up on their site and priced by the end of this week (possibly sooner if you bug them :)). Also, keep an eye on NPD and CJ Pony as I'm positive they'll have them up and ready to roll ASAP.

Offered as Full Sets or Front Buckets Only - also Front Bucket Seat Foam is available!
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I can see your wieners.
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Sep 1, 2011
Raleigh, NC
Seats look good, but that fabric reminds me of one of those old 3D magic pictures, stare at it long enough to see the hidden image!:)


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Dec 20, 1998
damn... i need my seat to be about an inch lower
The first thing i noticed about the flofits in my Saleen is that they do sit lower, I dont know if its the seats or the brackets though.
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