8.8 Rear end assembly. how hard to do and where to get 1 ?

I blew the diff in my 7.5 rear end finaly and i need to get my car back on the road ASAP, i just need a regualr 8.8 assembly , any one know where to get one cheap? or anyone near southeast michigan with one available? and how hard will it be for me to do the swap?

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10 Year Member
Jan 31, 2003
Brand new: FRPP M-4001-S327

Basically, a 3.27 8.8" Traction-Loc right out from under a 99-04 MGT for $700. That's a pretty good deal:

http://performancefordparts.com/Ite...Complete Axle Assembly&PartNumber=M-4001-S327

Used: Junk yard. Make sure you find one from a 99-04 since they are 1.5" longer, end to end, than 95-98 assemblies.

Swapping an axle isn't that big a deal. Four bolts and some ancillary stuff (e.g. brake calipers, driveshaft etc) and the thing falls to the floor. Just be careful when working near the coils.