92 foxbody Dash wiring


New Member
Oct 31, 2022
Kennett Mo
Hello I am new to the Forum, I have a 92 Foxbody that was giving to me to restore.. This car was setup for drag racing but I would like to make it a street car.. So my question is all the wiring harnesses and fuse panels were taking out so what would be the best route to wiring up all my accessories such as headlights, brake light etc... Thank you in advance
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So to clarify. The 92 and 93 cars are the only cars you interchange the ECU harness and dash harnesses.

Does the car still have the factory dash and instrument cluster in it? Pictures would be a great help.
I have a 351w swap, it was a drag car and I am wanting to turn it back to a street car, so I'm needing the headlights, brake light, horn and all that to work, but it was stripped of all wiring.. So I don't need the motor harness cause I installed the 351 carb engine, so do I just need the fuse box and wiring for the headlights and accessories or will I have to have the computer ad well? I thought the computer was to work the fuel injection engine, do I need it for all accessories to work as well?
Full dash harness. EXU harness is not necessary in your case. If you want the factory gauges to work you will need an electrical diagram of the dash harness to know which wires on the dash harness that are needed for them to work. It will be the one plug that comes through the firewall next to the brake booster on the engine side of the booster.


You really need an electrical drawings for the car. Someone here may have them scanned where they can send them to you. I only have paper copies and they are too big for my scanner. You need to map this out and see what all you are going to need and make a plan.