96' Mystic Cobra help


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Jan 2, 2007
ok... i just bought a 96' mystic cobra... my dad used 2 have one a few years ago...so i do somewat about them...well...ive ALWAYS loved the roush aerodynamic kits on the mustangs.....would any of the 2000- up roush kits fit the 96' (not the new style mustang of course)

thanx for the help..and yes i know i would need 2 talk 2 ford about the paint...i need the paint anyways...
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Not without ALOT of custom body work

The shapes of the hood, headlights and tail lights are all different from the 94-98 to the 99-04 bodies. That will also mean the front and rear bumpers will not match up. The side skirts and spoilers may not be as difficult to blend.

This is not to say you couldn't make it work, but you need one hell of a body guy (or gal) to mold everything in and make it fit right. A well done job like that will surely land you a page or two in a magazine. HOWEVER....

As I stated in another recent post; the Mystic, Cobra R, Pace Cars, and Mystichrome are the rarest of the rares. If it needs paint, I would have it done by a reputable shop to bring it back to spec and leave it be. If you feel the need to customize a Stang, get another model (like a GT) and have at it. I know not everyone can afford multiple cars, and it's your car so you can do what you wish. I just think that there is someone out there that would love to have your car in original stock form and give you enough to buy a guinea pig to customize to your hearts content.

Just my two cents, but it's your car so have a blast!
kool kool...yea i know..if it was my dads cobra...id never do that 2 it.....but since its got a lot of miles on it and ****...i figure wat the hell...the body work isnt a big deal i could do it myself ..