97 cobra engine swap... HELP ...

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Jul 12, 2018
I have a 97 cobra engine that I want to put in a 94 gt body... what do I need to do for the computer and wiring.
A 97’ OBD-2 32V 4.6L swap into a 94’ OBD-1 5.0GT..
Remote, but I’ll ask...have access to what’s left of that 97’ Cobra(?) I’ll list the simplest path, not the only way. Several other alternatives exist.
(IMRC delete & HCM mod notes below).
You’ll need...
1) The complete engine harness from a 96’-98’ Cobra engine.
2) The EEC from a 97’ Cobra Engine.
3) Some basic tie-ins to power and ground, fuse block and basic wiring using OE Pin/Sleeve connectors so it appears as a Factory install.
4) Fuel system modifications to meet the increased demand criteria of the 305HP 32V.
Preliminary notes..
-A 96’-98’ GT harness can be modified neatly and utilized with little work, knock sensors didn’t exist on 4.6l 2V Motor’s as the 32V counterparts. I’d not suggest deletion via programming, simple & effective insurance.
-Lincoln Mark 8 4.6l 32V ECU’s can also be used with some simple EEC Tuning.
Other wiring and components can be modified to make this swap work, with a little craftsmanship, they will appear as a factory install. Using the complete engine harness & EEC from a 97’ Cobra is obviously the ideal option if both cost & availability’s present.
IMRC’s & Head Coolant revisions
The combination of the IMRCs building up carbon deposits on the early 4v engines, (including the 97’s) where additionally, coolant flow terminates abruptly causing a thermally unstable condition rather than circulating engine coolant back within the system in a loop fashion on the driver’s bank Cyl. Head are both factory flaws that can lessen performance (especially beyond stock) and may shorten engine life.
Correcting both are inexpensive & mod’s that are worth serious consideration, both-the Achille’s Heel of the early 32V.
With a full IMRC delete, you’ll increase high RPM runner velocity, but sacrifice low end grunt, there’s improved, current designs that improve high velocity flow that both corrects this while retaining IMRC function for the expected robust low RPM drivability.
If planning FI, an IMRC delete has little impact on low RPM Vacuum response.
The bypass Mod is quite useful & routes coolant flow from the driver’s side cylinder head and, rather than simply terminating it, ties it into the heater feed piping along with the passenger’s side & recirculating in a loop fashion, eliminating the negative thermal effects entirely, alleviating “hot spots”.

If you want to freshen up the. 97’s 32V Motor or Trans in any way- consider now as the optimal time while things are accessible.
You’re planning on running the T-45 Trans, or perhaps a TR-6060..?
Good info on the Modular motors...
Is this going to be a fairly stock 97’ Cobra motor/Trans swapped in, or have power adders in mind?


Dec 3, 2009
Dayton, OH
You'd need the entire dash and engine harness because the 96 up is obd2 and will have the DLC under the dash and wired to communicate with the ECM. I'd use a holley TerminatorX to control the cobra engine and use IMRC delete plates along with egr delete. Your car had a pushrod engine, so this wouldn't be a straightforward swap for a beginner.
Also, fuel pump will be fine but putting a 255 in the tank won't hurt.