Actual Expected Value Of A Clean Or Restored 66 289 4v Coupe?


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Oct 18, 2011
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I'm kicking around the idea of buying a 66 coupe to fix up and eventually sell for profit. I'm asking the group what they feel the true value of a 66 coupe is, not what Haggerty or KBB say, but what you can realistically get for it.

I'm thinking either fix it up to a very nice daily driver status or go all in and full restore.

It's a 66 coupe with a 289 4V carb and an automatic transmission.

It's currently light blue in need of paint and bodywork.

From my preliminary check out it needs patch panels in the rear quarters, both sides. The trunk and floor pan is solid. It runs.
Interior is pretty good. Needs a dash pad, carpet, possible new covers on front seats there are some small tears. Headliner is vgc.

The build plate says it started life as a 289 4V (good), a 3 speed manual( not so good ) Emberglo Metallic paint like a copper color (they say rare), standard vinyl interior. Was made in Metuechen NJ April 23 1966. A good omen, my daughter was born 4/23/85.

It's badged as a GT, I don't think it is or was.

it has rally type original wheels, new tires, new brakes, new Holley Carb, new dual exhaust that come out through the rear valance.

Odometer says 85K. Could be 85, 185, 285?

HAGGERTY says a condition 4: $8000. 3: 16,000, 2: $22,000, and 1: $28,000. They all seem high.

I can buy it for probably $2100. I'd be willing to dump $8-10k in it if I could double my money. But is that realistic. It's not a convertible or fastback, or a K code engine. So in the end will it only be a $10-14K car in the next 3 years or so? My experience with early Mustangs was back in the 70's when I never paid more than $900 for one. Some as low as $250 that were sweet. But it's now 40 years later.

Please give me your honest opinions from experience. Thanks, Dave & Laurie.
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Jul 3, 2003
ive puchased a 64.5 coupe to flip...u need to.keep costs down..cause 12-18k seems to be the high end for coupes based on what I see. For that reason I bought a car that was 100% rust free and straight...unless you are a bodyman...once you start replacing panels there goes the ceiling...its also easier to buy a failed project..the 64.5 I bought..along with being 100% had a rebuilt c4 and front to back rebuilt suspension and decent interior...I dropped in a motor..have done all my own work..and tons of mods and will be in the hole 4500-5k including purchase price of the car and when all is done without paint but 100% mechanically restored/ and/or modified...

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