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Jul 26, 2004
Newberg, OR
It is with great pride and excitement that I invite all of you Ford & Mustang fans to the 26th Annual All Ford Car Show & Swap meet at the Hillsboro OR fairgrounds on Saturday June 7th, 2008. Our club, the Mustang Wranglers have just been given the reins to this great show and we are excited. (see flyer link). This is a non host show where our cars are eligible for trophys but we as a club wont participate in the voting. This show is for you folks. We are also trying to resurrect the swap meet portion of the show so if you know of anyone who has Ford parts or cars to get rid of , send them our way. You can get more info on our website, We hope you will come join us for a great time.
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Playing Army that weekend...:bang:

Bring the whole platoon to the show. I'll talk to Dave about a qty discount.
Patrick - thanks for the kind words. We are excited. The show is open to all Fords, cars, trucks and import Fords also. We have been putting the word out about the swap meet too. Our goal is to make this the premier Ford show in the state. We want to make the swap meet bigger and better like in years past. Thanks for the web tip.
I am happy to see this show continue. I have always enjoyed attending and hearing the smack between AD and Bill bout who's going to take 1st place.:D Hell, I'd pay $$$ to see them both line 'em up for a smoke show down the track


Don't get discouraged by the lack of responses or support to this thread, most Mustang owners are well aware of this show and attend rain or shine. My mother will be a vendor this yr, so make sure you give her a hard time:SNSign: