Am I screwed??


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Dec 30, 2004

So I started the install on my MM panhard bar last night. I just don't see how my Bassani pipes are going to clear. I don't know if I should start banging on pieces and massaging them to fit (which they may not and then I'll just have beat up parts) or say screw it and dump the exhaust.

It's one of those deals where you don't know what you'll have until it's finished.

I just picked up an off road exhaust kit as well. No telling how loud it would all be once the exhaust is dumped. At the moment I'm leaning towards finishing the panhard bar install and just accecepting whatever fate brings for the exhaust portion of it all.

From all accounts... the panhard bar is worth the trouble.

FYI... the car gets around three thousand miles a year if you are factoring that into an opinion.

thanks for your time!!
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Yeah, I messed with it more last night. It's not going to fit. When the panhard install is complete and I drive the car that will ultimately make the decision for me. If the performance is such I can't live without the panhard bar then I'll cope with the exhaust in the best way I can find.

Anybody make side exhaust kits? I have the MM full length frame connectors fyi...