Any ideas on doubling HP output of V6 or V8 yet?

I've been following the development of the 05 Mustang and I'm anxious to see what ideas and upgrades pop up.

I currently work at a performance shop. We just installed a cold air intake, shift kit and higher stall converter in a customer's 04 GTO and knocked a consistent 4-tenths off his 13.7 et to go 13.233 on stock radial tires with a 2.0 60'...

comparatively, I'm already brain storming about what we could do with the V6 and V8 Mustangs.

One of my suppliers builds turbo systems... I'm just curious to find out what kind of hiccups we'd run into with the 3-valve heads and the VVTi setup =\

A pair of gt35s or one gt40 turbo would make for some potent power... :D

If I buy one, it'll prolly be late 05 or 06. I'll certainly do a shift kit, converter, intake, full exhaust and better tires.. should knock over half a second off and essentially open up a more efficient 50+hp :)

Also had the idea of ebaying the stock drivetrain and squeezing in a 03 SVT supercharged motor and doing some odds and ends to pump out 600hp :) At least with the 8.8 rear I won't be breaking half-shafts :p
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PCM cracking...

I'm sure, just as in the past, people will be able to crack the computer and/or make performance modules for it.

With a car as mass produced as the Mustang, much like the Camaro/TA, the computer will get cracked.

With a car like the Mustang, I'd think that just as in the past, the engineers built in some room for improvement in the car that the aftermarket will pick up on.
Double the hp? Can the engine handle 600 hp? Well, some bolt ons, a cams and header kit and a supercharger should pretty close to double the hp I would think.