Any of you in North Carolina?

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Yeah! Im in Raleigh. Work in Smithfield...Team One Motorsports. Where are you located? If you are near enough, every 3rd Saturday of each month, there is a large "cruise-in" at Grill 57 in Garner. sometimes 350-500 cars. it usually starts around 3-4 pm.

Sweet, I'm at NC State in Raleigh during fall/spring so I'll have to hit you up when I get back in town. In Greensboro for the summer.

(also yes, may not be best forum for this but I get targeted "classic buffs" in this forum, whereas elsewhere I'd probably get mostly latemodel stangers, sorry to inconvenience)
Speaking of NC BBQ....... I live in Lexington. MustangWeek at Myrtle Beach SC is coming up in July. I went last year and it was a lot of fun. More younger spoiled kids with newer forced induction stuff. But there were a few classics there too.