Electrical Any Way To Upgrade 05 Gt To 09 Factory Ambient Lighting ?


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Jun 5, 2013
Hello looking for some first hand help. My sons 06 GT has the Mycolor gauges. Is it possible to intergrate the Ford factory 08-09 ambient lighting package into his 06 and make it work? I have the correct MT console with the button, the underside control module and all the harnessing and lighting from an 09. While the console is the same as his 06 obviously the control box and lights need to be powered

Has anybody here upgraded their interior and console to the newer package? I know the button on the console is just pushed until the desired 7 colors is picked from my online research. Also just the cup holder and the front footwells and rear footwells light up. Also I know that the setup is controlled by the underside console box and not intergrated through the my color system on the dash.

Also does anybody have a pic of how the lights and where the lights for the front footwells are installed? Thanks.

Any help?

Thanks GC
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