Anyone Looking for Eric Cheney XMP


New Member
Feb 3, 2007
So I wanted to let everyone know - if you were scammed by Eric Cheney and XMP a couple of years ago when he was evicted from his shop and left many of us hanging after taking lots of money from us.

I found him - took him to court and of course he did not show up.

He is now part owner of a 14,000 square foot shop in Huntington Beach. So looks like he scammed us and started a new place after hidding out for a year.

Anyone looking for him to serve him papers for court here is the info and good luck.

Impulse Engineering Inc
15321 Transistor Lane
Huntington Beach, CA

Don't let him fool you!!! He has money and he is not hurting!!!!! Don't let him scam any of you!!!!!! Like he did many others in 2006.
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