AOD build-up


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Oct 7, 2005
I have the aod in my 1989 LX 5.0 rite now and i dont have the money to do a t5 swap now.. im not even sure if im going to do it... so what should i do to my aod to build it so that i can actually get some power out of it... stall convertor.... torque... shift kit? also would it be better if i jus bought a "rebuilt" c4 tranny off of ebay? anything that can help is welcomed..
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Edge racing converter, talk to Andre. Best mod you can do for an AOD. Trans-go shift kit is a good one or even a whole new valve body. Hardened Input shaft, A servo, kevlar bands, etc... But this all can get expensive. And of course you'll need a trans cooler.
In my 93 The first thing I did was gears , Not sure if you have them or not but but it really helps wake up the AOD car . I went with 3.73's but you could even go 4.10's depending on your future mods .

As far as the tranny itself I would definately get the Trans-go shift kit like NOSGT recommended , inexpensive a relatively easy to do yourself . Then go for a stall , I had a 2500 from TCI , nice piece .
Get a set of gears either 3.73 or 4.10s, I have 4.10s in my 93. I would get an edge torque converter, hardened input shaft, trans cooler, an A+ overdrive servo and a transgo or baumann shift kit. Get it all together and that way you can do it all when you take the trans out to put the converter in.

street edge converter $500
hardened input shaft $170
A+ overdrive servo, I paid $115
transcooler $50-$100 depending on size. The biggest you can afford is best
Shift kit Transgo $110 or Baumann at $70

Here are a few websites for info