RANT!!! Are you :leghump:ing kidding me California?!?!

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Sep 5, 2001
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They have their own networks where they can get work done. So, they kinda do take them to mechanics shops. This law would not cause any interference there.
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Dec 6, 2005
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Huh..... I've been skipping over this thread because I don't, nor have I ever wanted to, live in California. Their smog inspections alone were a huge reason for me. To me, that just hampers an enthusiasts abilities to build their own engine for their hot rods. That just took my freedom. Then, there's just too many people for my liking. (There is here in Atlanta too, but that's another story.....) And the cost of living is WAY too high!! I've spent enough time there when I was in the Marine Corps, and it IS nice out there, but the benefits are far outweighed by the costs in my opinion. The older I've gotten the more I hear of stupid $#!+ happening there, this being another prime example as well as the law that's already in the books like it. It all just solidifies my stance. People need to get their ****ing noses out of other peoples' business and take care of their damned selves!! But I'm sure they know what's best for us because we sure don't!!


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Feb 18, 2001
So....I happened to be browsing the ole IG this afternoon. I checked out a few fox pages located in the local SAC area and noticed a few things.

On a couple pages, guys were doing engine pulls and other work out on the street. Not a rural area, but a pretty dense area with actual traffic. One other post showed an 8.8 and trans sitting on the sidewalk. Anothe guy was pulling an engine out in the street. Wasn't just one person, but a different variety of unassociated people. I give them credit for being enthusiasts and working on their cars, but at the same time it's a pretty dense area to be dismantling an entire car out on the street.

I think I have another idea who these new regulations were targeting now with reference to major and minor repairs out of your garage and not having an inoperable car for 24 hours....


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Aug 8, 2003
I think it would be most sensible to delete this entire thread.
The community here isn't large enough to withstand a political debate.
And while everyone here posting seems to have some what aligning thoughts, that potentially leaves people who don't agree reading but not posting (which isn't good either).
I've seen politics tear forums apart and I just don't think it belongs here.

I think the complaining should be done by those of you that live in Sacramento that have been busted for illegally working on your car.
Which my guess is nobody here...
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May 17, 2018
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@2000xp8 you make a very valid point. As a participant in the rant it would not hurt my feelings if this was removed due to the reasons you stated. Politics and religion are two very slippery slopes. I'm done. Now back to mustangs!
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