As promised...Pics and Info of the 65' F100 Father/Son Project !!!


May 17, 2003
Sayre, PA
Well a few people asked to see some pics of our "on-going" project. My dad and I have been slowly building this truck for about 3 years now. With money permitting, its finally coming along and we were able to roll it out of the garage this past weekend for the first time in 3 years. My dad bought this truck back in the early 80's for $1500 and has restored it cheaply a few times...but this time I talked him into doing it right and making it a weekend driver/mild show truck...instead of a work truck that it was in the past. Enough rambling and on the the mod list and the future plans...all of these mods are done now...or will be done in the near future...Keep in mind this truck was drum brakes on all 4 corners...The truck will be Fuel Injected using's conversion harness.

-1965' F100
C4 with shift kit / B&M rachet shifter
HO 302 from a 88 GT completely rebuilt
B303 Cam
24lb injectors
Stock F150 EFI intake (for now)
70mm throttle body
75mm M/A
BBK Equal length headers
3" exhaust with race bullets
2000 Explorer disc brake rear w/3.73 gears
74' Mustang II front suspension with drop a-arms and 2" drop coils
drilled and slotted rotors
74' Mustang II steering rack and column

American Racing Le Mann's (discontinued-the wheel cervinis used on there first stalker 94-95 mustang)
17x9.5 w/275-40's Nitto 555's
17x11 w/315-35 Nitto DR's

Shaved stake body holes
shaved wipers and wiper cowl smoothed
completely smoothed out dash
smoothed out firewall with custom inner fenders
wire tuck
2000 Acura Integra leather seats redone in gray leather without headrests
smoothed rear with molded rollpan
smooth front with no emblems
Full autometer gauges molded into dash where the radio used to be
Radio relocated to glove box
95 Jeep Wrangler Gas tank w/mustang bullitt gas door

The dash will have nothing on or in it but gauges. All light switches and other switches are mounted under the dash and hidden. The doors, hood, tailgate, and front bumper are already done and in primer. We are just finishing up the body work on the cab and box now. The front clip is one piece (bolted together with custom brakets) and that is completely done and ready for paint. The truck will be painted as soon as money allows and we decided to go with Charcoal upper from the body line up, and silver metallic from the body line down. Two-Tone paint. Possibly split with a smooth pin stripe. Not sure on that yet. The truck will sit about 1 inch lower front and rear once we get the metal bumper and tailgate on along with the 9 oak finished boards for the bed and paint matched strips to connect the boards also, glass, doors, hood, etc. So it will sit just right!!! The interior will be painted two-tone also and will have gray carpet and headliner. I'm sure I'm forgetting some things. Let me know what you guys think. This is my dads pride and joy and he puts every spair minute he has into this truck (he's 55yrs old with a titanium hip and a bad back). Maybe later on I can talk him into a 4V swap or somethin. The box and cab are not bolted down at all so that is why the body lines are off a bit as well as the front clip. Everything is basically just sitting on the frame. Haha! Thanks and sorry it was soo long!!! I'm sure you will see this at Carlisle All-Ford next year. :nice:










Enjoy and Thanks for looking !!!:D
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that thing is gorgeous already, i can imagine how sick it will be when it's done... great job dude! keep up the good work with your pops

keep us updated!

i want to build a '53 F100, tubbed out and dropped with a big block one day when (if) my financial situation allows, but it looks like you're living my dream with your longbed!!
Thanks! We both had grins from ear to ear when we pushed it out of the garage on sunday afternoon. We thought about cuttin 10-12 inches out of the box length and frame and making it a short box...but thats up in the air still. Since the short boxes are soo rare, it would be pretty sweet. I will take more pictures as the progress continues. :nice:
How hard was the MII swap? any info on the rear end?
How hard was the fuel tank swap?

I take it the bed had some cancer issues. What did you use for the new floor pans? I heard 67+ pans will swap over with some trimming.

oh, Nice slick. Cannot wait to see it finished. Makes me kind of jealous that I havent done anything to my SWB.
forgot to add.

What are you going to do for a headliner. I have a porno black leather one that looks awful.

Did you luck out and not have an rust on the kick panels? Mine are looking pretty bad.

and what online resources have you been using, IE forums, vendors, etc.

I was posting at havent in awhile though.
Steeda/Redeem/Six -- YES! The rear tires are mounted backwards. There are only 2 lugs in each and we weren't sure about the wheels being the right offset so we just threw em on real quick. Not like the truck is going to be drivin anytime soon anyways. They will be on right eventually. Thats our least worry right now. Haha!

Ryan -- As said above...the color will be two-tone Charcoal/Silver split at the body line.

HungryMonkey -- The floor pans were shot and so was the bed floor. You could see through both and didn't dare to step on either. For the bed floor we have 9-1" thick finished oak boards about 8 ft long with bed strips that are going down for the floor...we are doing it 40-50's style. The whole cab basically has a new floor in it along with cab corners...we had the cab flipped over on its side and replaced everything. The box sides are new as well as inner and outter front fenders. Good luck with those if you buy front fenders...they come two piece and have to be welded down the middle. The mustang II swap wasn't easy. We bought a whole car and just chopped the front clip at the firewall...brought it inside and stripped it...then notched the truck frame...drilled holes in both the mustang II and the truck...prefit it with bolts....then got our track width right on both sides and welded it...of course there was alittle more to it than that....but its up there now...and is perfectly centered. All of the info on the truck is from my dad and I. We came up with the ideas of what parts we were gonna use and how to use them by trial and error. We basically "MADE" things work. The explorer rear was easy. Just bolt in. We had to use different u bolt plates and get the driveshaft lengthened, along with different brake lines...but thats it. The headliner...we are stuck on. We want to do gray interior with painted dash and floor. We will come up with something. The fuel tank swap wasn't bad...some longer fuel lines and had to notch the frame and build a bracket to mount it. We thought about a fuel cell...but this was the cheap way out...and you won't see it a fuel cell would be a waste of money. Let me know if you have anymore questions.
Thanks! We both had grins from ear to ear when we pushed it out of the garage on sunday afternoon. We thought about cuttin 10-12 inches out of the box length and frame and making it a short box...but thats up in the air still. Since the short boxes are soo rare, it would be pretty sweet. I will take more pictures as the progress continues. :nice:

Progress looks awesome man! I was gonna mention something along the lines of shortening the bed as soon as I saw the first pic but I didn't want to say anything in bad taste...but since you mentioned it, I think the overall appearance of the truck will greatly improve by shortening it a little.
My $150 66 SWB.

I am honestly thinking about air bagging it and doing a shave and chop.
Although I saw a lightning conversion that was pretty sweet, but that would be way more money than I can afford to spend.