Drivetrain At my Witts end Speedo gear ‘NEVER MIND’

disregard this post now,

Just took another look, the tranny gear was always there, but it’s gone now!
Was planning to change Clutch this winter so I’ll get at the gear then..

Hi folks, 89 GT Manual,

Been having ‘NEW SPEEDO GEAR ‘ issues.

I replaced red 16 tooth gear with Red 21 Tooth gear as called for with my setup.

Speedo in car will work fine for 15 mins then drop to Zero and nothing..

Have had it out 3-4 times
Gear is not chewed up at all.

Spun it up on drill ‘left hand turn’ while out and works fine in car.
Once re-installed does same thing. Dies after a short time.

It’s a Ford OEM gear,
Looks exactly the same, measures the same, just more teeth.

Am I missing something??

Cleaned housing on Tranny
Installs fine
Bolts in fine,
Almost like it’s not meshing properly


Maybe an issue with the other end.

No VSS either.

Any suggestions are welcome.

It’s bang on while working as well..just won’t stay working

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How is the connection on the other end? Does it engage fully, or enoigh?

It could be barely engaging when you install but then slip out of the speedo head during use.

When it stops working, How do you “reset” it? What cable are you using? A pioneer cable?
unlikely. It’s been a common failure and I’ve never heard of damage due to the little tab breaking off.

The little vertical nub is what breaks and the main body stays with the gear which just gets pushed off to the side. The little nub is likely sitting on the bottom of the trans and hopefully caught up in the magnet.

But, there’s always a long shot it gets stirred up into the gears.


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