bad shake at high speeds


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Jan 8, 2007
I was on the highway the other night and decided to bury the needle for unknown reason...Car was shaking like crazy.Car has a TKO swap with aluminum D/S .is it possible the D/S was installed incorrectly? is there a certain way it goes?I know the D/S is supposed to reduce shake.what can the problem be?

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Could be a # of things

U-join on drive shaft
Front rotor bearings
tires unbalanced
Trans mount
Engine mount

What kind of vibration is it?
Does the shifter shake bad?
At what speed does it start to shake?
I think the shake was only violent when car was being givin gas.once I let off it kinda got better.
trans mount?what are the ways to fix i got an energy trans mount with the needed x member.