Bassani catted X-pipe...


10 Year Member
Jan 31, 2003
...on a nearly-stock 02 GT (K&N FIPK-II, Accufab 70mm TB and plenum only breathing mods) making about 247rwHP right now.

For users of this part:

1) Worth it?
2) Quality?
3) Leaks/fitment?
4) Dyno proven gains with similar mods?
5) Emissions changes? We still have semi-annual sniffer checks here and I can't be bothered to swap the factory H back in every couple of years for this.

General thoughts and tips?

BTW, I have searched but there's just not alot of specific information after a perusal of the archives...
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1.For the worth yeah its a good buy. Kinda pricy but its stainless.
2.I think it real good quality, like I said Stainless!
3.Everything fits great even with a different catback and I never had a leak prob.
4.I didnt do a before and after dyno, but you can tell the difference. Someone on here will be able to give you some dyno #'s though.
5.I passed my sniffer test about 1 year after the swap. Just after that my "check enigne" light came on and I needed to get MILs to turn it off. Now my town uses the OBD-II test so I think I'm screwed. I guess a lot of the older Bassani cats had this prob but from what I've heard and read on here they have switched cats and corrected the problem.
Its a good mid-pipe my friend had one on his '99 Cobra and recomended it to me. I would recomend this mid-pipe to anyone. Although I want to switch to a LT and off road H setup. More and more I hear the off road H pipe the more I like them. Well good luck!