Bassani Mid Length Headers Question


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Jun 21, 2007
College Station,TX
Im looking at putting on some Bassani Mid-length headers this summer(Still in the decieding phase on brands),now the tranny ordeal is over.Is there any catted H-pipe that install with these or will they only use there own Xpipe,I wanna stay with hpipes,X's are to raspy for me.I was thinking of the mids for the simple fact that if i gotta pull the tranny ever again I dont wanna cause myself more

2001 GT
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Thats what I thought,and from the looks of it Bassani are the only ones that make Mid length,right?Wonder what it would cost to buy a short mid pipe and have it modded for the mids.Any thoughts on that?Well then that brings another question,are there any LT's that would allow the tranny to come out without loosening or removing the headers,I have heard that Hooker's would allow but i kinda wanna stay in the $500ish price range.
Hey silverbullet i forgot to tell you i really like the pic of your car,im gonna do something similar to the scheme you have.I want the silver with the black accents,rim s points black,spoiler,the part between the rear lights like on the Mach's but im gonna put on CDC shaker kit sometime this year,then im getting it repainted a silverish,right now its black but a couple years back a drunk took out the whole passenger side and his insurrance wouldnt repaint the entire car only the replaced parts,now it looks like different shades of black if you look close.
Just installed a set of the Bassani mid-lengths on my 99 S-281. Do yourself a favor, pull the K-member to start with. You will save yourself a lot of trouble, there is just no easy way to get to some of the bolts.

If you don't pull the K-member, this is what you are dealing with...
Notice, all you can really see is the collector...


Without the K-member, you have just a little more room to maneuver...

That does look like a mess.A couple years ago I helped a bud install LT's on his 98,we didnt pull the K,we just unbolted the mounts and did it that way,was a pita but not too bad.Took about 9hrs,we didnt get into any hurry.I did some more research and JBA does make mids little more than I really wanted to spend but they also make a catted hpipe for them,$800-$850 headers,$450 mid pipe.not too bad.I already have a high flow h pipe on mine but with stock exhaust mans...what does anyone think it might cost just to mod that for the Bassani's headers?My buds 98 had Bassani LT's with catted hpipe and Flowmaster catback,had a nice low rumble sound to it,thats what I want,he had a xpipe before the h,but was too raspy,didnt really like it.
I have the bassani midlenth headers and their O/R X pipe, and catback and honestly love the way it sounds. To me it's not raspy as all. I think it sounds real nice and isn't obnoxius like the flowmasters on every mustang here in town.

As for the installation of their headers they are not that bad to install with the K member in. Their mids all come as separate tubes with a slip on connector. If you follow the instructions by loosing the motor mount on each side, one at a time. It took me more time to get the old bolts out with my dad of the stock manifolds, 10 years, and to put the locking clips on the stage 8 bolts after the headers were on.
Well I went to the local car club tonight just to check out some exhausts.Really its more of stang get together more than anything.I was in luck,there was 2 stangs there,one with Bassani Mids and catted X,and one with jba mids and catted H,now I really dont know which way to go,I liked them both.Im leaning more towards the JBA's and the catted H.Looks like thats the way im gonna go this summer,then around January im doing the Mach 1 kit and some bolt-ons,hopefully summer next year Ill have it ready for paint,as long as my wife lets me get done before she starts building her 1970 F100 truck...shes a car nut too.
I am not sure if this will help you because it was several years ago but I installed the Bassani Mid-length Headers (ceramic coated) and their Off-Road X Pipe with a CDC Side Exhaust. I love the sound and have received loads of compliments on it. My car is a 2002 and pretty much completely stock except for the exhaust.

The problem is the headers have completely rusted and Bassani is not willing to help out too much. They will gladly send the headers out for re-coat but that will take a couple of weeks and they will not cover the cost of removal and re-installation.

I bought the car in August, 2002 and these mods were installed November, 2002. Unless they have changed the kits you will also have to go buy some pieces to make up the difference from the headers to the X-pipe if you choose to remove the cats like I did.
Man sorry to hear that,are they rusted through or do they just show the normal wear like the stock exhaust would be showing.Honestly the looks wouldnt matter so much to me,really how many people would be looking under the car,I just care that I wouldnt have to be replaceing them in 5 or 6 years.Few years back I bought an 88 IROC to build on,dropped a crate motor in it,dont remember the exact motor name but it was a 350 rated at 330hp,I put on an entire new exhaust with what beleive were BBK headers,got them off a buds totaled z28.THis was back in 1997,I sold the car in 2000 and he is still running that same setup around town with no bad damage to the exhaust.I figured with Bassani's rep they would at least be as good as the BBK's.

So whats the story on JBA's.Im looking at those for the catted H.I still drive the car reguarly but its recently paid for and will be becoming my toy,So I dont beleive it couold get inspected here in TX.Theres a new law here,maybe everywhere in the US not sure where they have to have a computer and scan the bar code in the door jam,since that law there is only 2 places that will inspect here in town,and Im not on good terms with the owner of them,used to work for him,we got into it,he pushed me,I kicked over his crouch rocket.He was selling drugs out of the shops...I wouldnt go for it and thats what happened.Sorry for talking too much...kinda bored