battery problem


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Jun 15, 2005
Ok if the car sits over night the battery will die. The battery is good. It has been doing it for a few months now. Nothing has been changed on the car electrical wise since it started. Then I go out tonight and notice the factory foglight switch is on. I don't have any foglights would this cause the battery to drain? sorry so long and thanks in advanced.
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you either have a parasitic drain coming from somewhere, you need to check by getting a multi meter having it on amps and hooking one lead to the neg. terminal the other to the battery post and remove the terminal form the post and see if their is currnt present. This is one senario, the other is your battery is bad.
BlackGT4.6 said:
shouldn't some draw power even with the car ioff? like radio mem. Should the airbag one and any other draw? thanks everyone.

The radio will draw to keep the station presets, if you have a car alarm that will draw also. Nothing else should be drawing when the car is off. I've found that it's usually the battery that has failed on newer cars, why do you say yours is good? Has it been tested on a load bench ? Cars have to be pertty old before wiring will go bad on it's own.
remember when doing a draw test that when you disconnect the positive terminal and hook the multimeter in that at no time can the terminal and post loose contact without the meter keeping contact.

once contact is totally lost it takes at least a half hour for the modules to power back down, once they are woken up.