Bay Area Dyno Day, Drifting and All Car Meet, Livermore

krazy bunta

New Member
Jun 14, 2004
Registration for Freedom Drift is OPEN!


flier_back.jpg to register, and for additional information

HUGE parking area, for those of you who'd just like to meet.

AND... has agreed to bring out his Dynapack 3000 Chassis Dynamometer to Freedom Drift!

All makes and models are welcome to participate, preregistration via forum confirmation will reserve you a spot. Spread the word, ANYONE is welcome, if not to dyno, come hang out, check out some drifting, and what dynoing a car entails.

Price will be $55 for 3 horsepower pulls. Printouts and tuning suggestions included in the cost. (This does not include admission into Altamont Motorsports Park, or the event Freedom Drift.)

The Dynapack is attached directly to the wheel hubs, thereby overcoming all the disadvantages of tire distortion including noise, torque steer, loss of traction, tire heat and variations in tire design and wear. Direct coupling
eliminates the need to estimate torque and enables the dynamometer to make very sensitive readings over a very wide range of engine speeds. With no tire roller interface the results are more precise and are repeatable. This is the type of dyno Auto manufacturers utilize for its precision, repeatability, and accuracy. Take advantage of this RARE opportunity.

Sign up early as time/space may be limited
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