Billet Flywheels


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Jan 28, 1999
I'm looking for a flywheel for my '68 302 C4 to T5 conversion. EBay is full of 28 0z 157 tooth billet flywheels for aroun $100 bucks. There should be a link to one below:

That seems awful low, especially since Summit and JEGs sell similar wheels for $200+.

Does anyone have any experience with the less expensive wheels off of EBay? They claim to be SFI certified, so I would think they are reasonably safe, and not complete junk, but they must take the cost out somewhere, right?

BTW this is for a pretty stock street motor, so I don't need anything exotic, but the Ebay billet wheel is about the same money as a stock iron wheel from Autozone, and you don't need a core either. Also, I'm not sure an autozone stock replacement would be of exceptional quality either.


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I have experience with these "too good to be true" flywheels on eBay. I got one for my swap thinking why not save some money, it's just steel anyway right? I mean, the manufacturers of these parts have specs, so if there are 157 teeth and is 28 oz offset, then it has to be good. WRONG! I bolted it all up and had a major vibration immediately. I double checked the part number etc to make sure they sent me the right one, I also had pictures of it before installing and it was a 28 oz. After some additional troubleshooting and lots of wasted time chasing my tail, I ordered a new flywheel from Ford Racing (about $200) and bolted it up and is smooth as silk. When I removed the junk flywheel with like zero miles on it, I compared side by side to the new FR piece, here's a couple of pictures:

Here's the cheap eBay unit. Note the "quality" weld holding the counter weight on. Might be hard to tell, but none of the holes were chamfered or deburred, just really "I don't give a crap" quality.

Here is the FR unit. This thing was like a work of art in comparison. The machining was much cleaner cut (cheap one looked like it was cut with a butter knife) and all holes chamfered and clean.

I don't like to trash vendors and to be honest, I don't know if it's the same seller that I bought from, but I hope you take my advice and save yourself some money by not doing the job twice. Hope this helps.