Blower Motor Resistor


Apr 10, 2005
I just pulled the car out of storage today and while I've had a smile on my face all day, I just noticed on my last drive that the fan only works on the highest settings.

From the searching I've done most people are set on the blower motor resistor, does that sound accurate? The fan blows furiously on high like it should, so I don't think the motor itself is clogged or anything.

$15 isn't going to break me, but this car has nickel and dimed me in the past :rolleyes:

I just spent darn near a grand on new stuff for this year, you think she'd be grateful :shrug:
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It sounds likely. On a fluke it could be the HVAC fan control switch, though I've never seen one fail like this. If you have voltage reaching the blower motor during all fan settings, the resistor pack is likely.