bought steeda springs on ebay need help!!!


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May 14, 2002
miami, fl
alittle help here:bang: i bought a set of steeda springs for my 08 gt the seller said they were ultralite springs when i recieve them they look great but i see they say super lite on them and have a progressive rate coiling to them does any one know if these are really ultralites? on the steeda website the pics for the springs dont look like the ones i bought but the gt500 spring pics look almost identical does any one know why these springs say superlite?...thanks in advance
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The only springs I've heard of that Steeda calls Superlites are the drag springs they make for '79-'04 cars. You can't really go by spring photos on Steeda's site because they use the same generic photo of spring for multiple products. I'd give Steeda tech support a call and see if they can help verify what you have.