Brand new here question on interior


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May 21, 2005
Hey guys, brand new to forum though I have been monitoring for awhile. Finnaly decided to get a silver 05 gtvert. Got deluxe with spoiler delete (going to get CDC Ducktail) IUP, 5sp, and the charcoal leather interior. My question was if any of you had seen the silver with the light graphite leather. I really like that color in the brochure but never saw it on a car. The salesman told me that it would look tacky on silver so I got the charcoal instead. Now I'm wondering if I should have gotten the graphite instead. Any thoughts or pics so I might change it before they biuld it? Thanks for anyh opinions and great source of info here.
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If you live in a hot climate, consider the light graphite. The 05 I originally ordered had the charcoal interior, but the one I bought has the graphite and in hindsight I'm glad I have it, especially since I'm in the south and car interiors become blast furnaces in the summer.
They had that exact combo at the dealership I ordered my car from and if you want my honest opinion the car just looked like one big grey blob.My apologies to anyone who has/likes that combo,it just didnt do anything for me.I would stick with the charcoal,or better yet,get the red interior. :nice:
I agree w/ Jenn--go w/ charcoal. I have a refire gt vert on order w/ the charcoal leather. I admit to 2nd thoughts since I live in Atlanta, but that charcoal will make a nice contrast on your silver and it will match your dark top. Also keep in mind how dirty the lighter color interior will get in a vert.
I haven't got it yet, but it's scheduled to be built today. I've been promised x-plan price, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I ordered from Team Ford in Marietta-Leavy Morgan, who is a good guy-knows the cars well. He's an engineer who races the Lincoln LS. He worked on developing the LS in Detroit w/ Thau-Tang, the father of our beloved new mustang.
BTW-Silvergtvert-last friday I pulled up along side a silver gt vert (didn't see the interior) and it really looked sweet. The dark top against the silver is a great combo.

I will be very interested to see what the ducktail spoiler looks like on a vert. I ordered spoiler delete, and I've been considering a ducktail, but I've never seen a picture of one.