Can I drop my 98 Cobra 2" in front??

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2" just in the front? Won't that hurt your launch? My brother dropped his 96 two inches both in the front and back. As time goes on the car drops like 1/2 inch more. My husband's car was also lowered. He wanted to make sure the car's front end was a millimeter higher so the weight would transfer to the back when taking off (he went on and on about it). Be prepared to drive at an angle when trying to negotiate dips.
All four corners r281. I'm just gonna' go with Eibach 1-1/2" springs. I've talked to a few people now and I don't like the idea of PLANNING the navigation of speedbumps, driveways, potholes, etc. Thanks for the info. In theory, your husband is right...but it doesn't work by gravity and car attitude alone. Too bad though. That would be easy and free. Lower the pressure in the rears and you've lowered the rear of the car AND increased the grip of the tires. Been done for a hundred years...ask me how I know.

Anyway, thanks again for sharing his experiences!
Ur def. going to need CC plates....your ground clerence is going to suck too...not to mention the ride. I dropped mine 1.5" in the front and i have hit my trany on a speedbump in my school once. I wouldnt go any more than that. 1.5 handles great, looks awsome, and rides better than stock.
Get Steeda Springs. Saw how they looked on an '01 Cobra and it looked bad ass. I had them on my 2000 GT, and it lowered it perfectly, not ridiciously low either. Def. need cc plates. Go with the Steedas for sure, IMO. :nice: