CCRM replacement in a 1999 Cobra...


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Jun 12, 2004
Jacksonville, FL
Anyone done this?

First, I need to find it. Not obvious on first look. I suspect it may be in the fender (passenger side). I am ripping into it tomorrow.

Second question... I'm not keen on spending $190 for a new one, so I thought about hacking it. I don't care about AC Compressor cutout at WOT for horsepower loss (this is what is failing), so I intend to jumper CCRM pin 23 to 21 to keep the AC clutch hot, even under WOT.

Anyone see any problems with this theory?

Sorry for the cross post in the SVT section. I figure GT and Cobra have the same AC.

Also if anyone knows the part number of a CCRM, that would help too.

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The CCRM is mounted on a bracket, behind the engine coolant reservoir

After looking at the pinout, it looks like what you're planning to do will ensure the A/C will be engaged as soon as the switch is turned on.

I really wonder what could be wrong with the WOT cutout relay though.

Anyway, hope it works out for you :nice:
Thanks for the post...


I'm going to trace the wire harness. No bracket in the near vicinity of the engine cooler reservior on my car. Can you give me a measurement from a fixed coordinate, say the cap of the reservoir? How big is it? If anyone has a picture, I would really appreciate it.

I bought this car used and do not know the history. For all I know the CCRM may have been relocated to accomodate a supercharger, sooler or something....

Or perhaps the Cobra and GT have a different layout wrt the AC?

Regardless, thanks for you time posting.

Trying to find a shop manual, but it looks like HELMINC is back ordered.

Weird, the shop manual really says behind engine coolant reservoir yet the picture points toward the passenger side fender. Here's the pic

Thanks !!!

I had to pull the wheel off and the fender skirt to get at it. Now I have the CCRM in hand... For grins, I drilled the pop rivets and opened it.

I figured that it might be simpler to jump the AC WOT relay inside the CCRM than on the harness, thus preserving the harness to restore to original someday.

On your electrical manual, can you verify the 21 and 23 pins in the CCRM as being 12V battery and the AC Clutch.

I just discovered that the scematic I was using is not applicable to 1999 and new mustangs (potentially)... I was using this:


Thanks a bunch. You have been a big help.

Regards, JOEZ06