Checking In From Pensacola Fl.


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Feb 26, 2014
hi all, figured i would join here, looking for a community to help with knowledge and bounce ideas off of.

the short story is: im an aircraft mechanic, living on my 33ft sailboat full time, have a wife and she's got a 77 cj5 thats undergoing a long term restoration, i have a 2009 tacoma 2.7 w/5sp thats used for work and at the moment main dd duty.

why im here: ive decided that in order to put the cj down for its frame off, ill need a third vehicle so that the wife can take the truck and i will drive the third car. that third car will be a fox body mustang. projected purchase date will be mid-late 2015, looking for info and watching the market until then.
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i got a thread up on the fox body section now about shopping advice, not too sure about the inner details of all the different fox body changes, i know i want notch back and obdII with a pushrod mpfi 302 and a t5 if that exists lol. and i can shop in pensacola are as well as okc, got family up there.