Clutch opinions?


Feb 21, 2020
Leon County, FL
***Not technically an SN95 but same basic drivetrain (4.6 2V and TR3650) in a Panther body***

I’m in process of accumulating parts to manual swap my car, and I’m doing so on a college student’s budget. Naturally that means I’m exploring all the avenues for getting decent parts for not awful money. One of the more common courses I see is to use a ford or billet steel flywheel with one of the basic Exedy clutches, which is about $450ish when the costs are combined, but recently someone turned me on to the idea of using one of the Valeo clutch/flywheel combos and just using my own (FP) bearings on it. Are these worth the time of day if you’re a spirited driver or is it just begging for trouble to use them? I’m looking specifically at the 11” Valeo-Max Stage 1 clutch (claimed 402hp/396ft-lb, probably horse :poo: numbers) with a ClutchAmerica nodular flywheel or 11” Valeo King Cobra clutch (425hp/550ft-lb, probably also horse hockey) and FX Racing chromoly flywheel.

We’ll just say my car makes 300whp (even though it’s more like 275 crank) so that we don’t have to do the eternal bounce back and forth over the differences the extra 600lb make
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Jan 4, 2018
Both are quality clutches & shouldn't have any problem holding up. Definite yes on the Ford part for the t/o bearing.