Cobra Imrc Failure


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Aug 5, 2013
Hi everyone I am new to this forum because I really need help with a code I got today from a check engine light. I have a 1998 Cobra with 36k miles that is for sale and of course as my luck has it I got a check engine light today. I am leaving for college in a week and want to get this fixed before I leave so I can put it back on the market. I have been searching forums about this problem but have not found answers to my specific situation.
I got the code p1516 which is IMRC error (not stuck open or closed). I realize that I should feel a difference in power when reaching 3250 rpm but there is no noticeable loss of power. I have not accelerated very hard while the CEL was on but, I did not notice anything out of the ordinary power loss wise. I don't know if my IMRC is stuck open, closed, or has another problem.

I understand that some causes to this problem could be a. gummed up and dirty IMRC b. broken controller/actuator? c. broken cable
Basically I am wondering if there is a way to figure out my problem without removing the intake manifold. I would really like to avoid removing the intake manifold at all costs and I am trying to diagnose my problem from the outside. I have read I can try and feel around for loose cables? but I do not know where or what to look for. Basically I am looking for tips on diagnosing/fixing this problem taking into consideration the circumstances and side effects I am feeling. I would also like to spend as little money as possible on this.

Car has BBK CAI if that helps.

Thanks you soooo much in advance!
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