Convertible frame paint question


Jan 1, 2003
I'm rebuilding and painting the frame of my '65 Mustang Convertible.

There's a bit of rust up there, so I've stripped the paint. Unfortunately, I've got the pits of rust. Did all the sanding and stuff.

I've used Eastwood Rust Encapulator as a seal and primer.

What paint should be used for the Convertible frame (bows etc.).
Needs to be durable, and about the correct color (this is a restomod).
The top will be a vinyl black top.

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Eastwood and others have quart cans, and of course you can get the quarts or rattle cans from any Mustang supplier, Glazier Nolan, NPD, MU, etc. Krylon rattle cans were dead-on perfect for decades, but they recently changed the formula, now it's too shiny.
Thanks 2+2GT. I have lots of paint suppliers. BTW - Glazier Nolan is great.
I was mostly interested if there was a particular brand and color code that was particularly close to the original color and paint hardness.
I'm currently using a engine black enamel that looks close, but was looking to see what others are using. I've just started the project.
I'm currently using a engine black enamel that looks close, but was looking to see what others are using. I've just started the project.

You might check with them, then, I'm sure they sell the stuff they used on this Shelby:

I use Dupont DTM epoxy primer but I'm sure there's cheaper ones out there that work just as well. I've heard SPI is good and well priced but we don't have it in Canada.

No sanding between coats, as the door has a textured finish, I just stayed within the top coat window between the epoxy primer and the Hot Rod black, and the flash times between coats of the black.
well, I've got 90% of the frame removed from the car. Thanks to digital cameras, I took pics of the take down. I've got the shop manual and other doc but I can't find a schematic of how the top goes together and what bushings, which way pins go etc. etc.

Does anybody have a schematic of a 65 Convertible frame and mounting points?
Thanks, can't wait to get it sanded down and painted.
Appreciate all the help

65Rob, that black has a satin finish? Looks good

I pulled the 2 bows off to paint separately. I removed the frame at the central bolt (larger spacer/large phillips) at the rear of the frame.

At this point, I'm going to paint the frame (header and mechanisms) as a single unit. I'll be pressure washing it tomorrow. The bows are done. Hope to have it done and mounted this weekend. I'll be adjusting everything (including windows), then down to get a top put on it.

I'd better get it done fast. The frame is spread out on a sheet in our living room. Wife gettin' tired of it. LOL

I was lookin' for a diagram so that I could make sure I got spacers where they were needed etc. etc.

Thanks for the help