Convertible top replacement cost with weatherstripping


Mar 31, 2005
Boston, MA
THinking about what my project will be this summer, I think my car would look SO much better with a new top. I have a lot of stains, rips, pinholes in mine. Since it's a white top, it shows everything. My question is, how much have you guys paid for a shop to put a new top on? Also, while the top is off, I want to change out the weatherstripping. Should I do that myself? or let the vert shop do it?
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The top on mine was $1200.00. The previous owner had it put on though so I don't know too much about it.

5.0resto has a whole kit for weather strip. It's like all of the major pieces. I think I am going to try it sometime this year.
Labor here is 550.00 for install of top, back glass, headliner, and weatherstripping. Thats labor only though from a upholstery shop. I found a guy that works at a local for dealership that does in the side for much cheaper. My be a good idea, could even talk to one of the employees at an upholstery shop see if he want to do it as side work to pocket all the cash himself.