Coolant Leak


Jun 18, 2011
So, Thursday, as I'm walking to my car to go home, (I back my car into my spot), I noticed some thing 'wet' in front of my car. I thought, "surely, that's not coming from 'my' car".. I then thought it was runoff from the complex watering the trees and lawn.

As I neared my car and looked at the fluid, I saw that it had a reddish or orangish tinge to it. I bent down touched and smelled it.. smelled like anti freeze. :poo:. I looked under neath the car and sure enough, you can see the remnants of something leaking from the engine.

I popped the hood and looked down. There it was ...a huge splash of coolant all over the bottom portion of the engine bay, near the radiator and on top of the k-member.

Anyway, I got home without any incident. I never overheated (never noticed any overheating at any time leading up to this).

I took the car to Ford early Friday morning. Got a call later that afternoon that the tech performed a pressure failed. He said specifically that, all 4 cylinders on the drivers side had failed. I have no idea what that meant, but that what he said.

So, I'm thankful that, #1, it's still covered under the power train warranty and #2, I got that extended warranty when I bought it.

Gonna be a long weekend until Monday when I find out exactly what's going on and what repairs need to be made. Since it was close to 5pm when he called, I won't know anything until Monday.

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