Cowl cover braces.

75 mustang II

New Member
Nov 22, 2005
Ive ordered a repair manual,But it will be awhile before i get it.We are trying to figure out how the cowl cover braces hookup.This is on a 69 coup.The front is screwed on ,but how is the side closest to the windshield held up?The car was partially dissassembled when I got it and this needs to be installed for paint.
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Thanks RacerX, Havent been on in a couple days,Blizzard hit this area.Thanks for the link.I did a search ,but nothing came up?Ill have to look around for some foam blocks. Mine has a bunch of screw wholes in the area, just thought there was some kind of bracket that I was missing.I ordered the 5 voulume shop manual from CJ pony. Thanks again