Roush Crap road surfaces and wide tires

Simi off topic for the Saleen forum I guess, but many of us are running some wide meats so I'm sure this affects some of you.

I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but there seems to be a new way of surfacing the roads that is really making driving with these fat tires (265 front, 295 rear) a pain in the backside. I don't know if its just what you get with the lowest bidder, but it seems like everytime they resurface a road here in Orange County it is completely uneven and going in about a million different directions. I'm literally fighting my car sometimes when coming to a stop. There is a road here in Irvine that actually looks like its still in the state where they ground up the old surface to prep for new asphalt, but they are painting new lines on that crap. UGH!!!

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Get a set of MM camber caster plates, and have them set the caster all the way back (towards the driver).
Does wonders for the wandering.

You may have to goto a specialty shop, because alot of places are not going to do it for you. Just make sure the wheels don't rub anywhere where they have it set.

This is why Kenny brown used to sell the caster+ kit. Leaves NO caster adjustment at all, you get it all the way back, and that's it. Too bad that can work for newer cars with no miles, just not good for a beat up fox, since things shift over time and you need to compensate with the alignment.
I'd tell you to get them, but with tires that wide in the front i'd get the MM set.

You should feel lucky they ever work on the roads in the O.C. anyway. Up here in L.A. we get no love at all.

I think Mike already has the MM c/c plates already. Maybe not. Mike if you don't listen to Joe. I was running hypercoil coilovers and new Bilsteins from Joe up front on my S351 as well as the MM c/c plates and never had any wandering probs with any of these tires.

G Force T/A KD's
G Force T/A KDW 2's.

I'm a sucker for spending big dough on expensive tires but as Robert Duvall said in "Days of Thunder". " Cole, Tires win races!" :)