Da day has come!!!! Quest 11's


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Nov 27, 2003
Houston, TX
we'll tommorrow is the day i test the car at hrp in houston, to see if i can run some 11's all motor with m/t drag radials with a 306!!!! it it my own personnal goal i had set for myself a while back!!!

last time out it broke the stock 28spline axles, but the past before he went [email protected] this is with a t-56 and 3.73 gears!!! and cutting a 1.73 60ft!!

only new mods are now a set of 31 spline axles, and a set of fms 4.10 gears
also added a driveshaft safetyloop!! don't how much weight the axles and loop added but the race weight was 3240 with me in the car!!!

also on a side note decide to take out some personnal weight out of the car for the drag strip a few months ago and have since then lost about 20lbs my self feel much better now have more energy, and just feel plain good!!!

so car should weight around 3210/3225 w/ me in the car!!!

last time dynoed 347hp/338trq with a 306, afr 185's, TFR R intake and a FTI cam!!! it should be interesting to see what it does tommorrow weather should be awesome on the mid 50's with low humidty!!!

we' ll let you all know how i did,
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WOW!!!!! YOU SOUND EXCITED!!!!!! Are you currently hooked to a defibrilator?

LOL, J/K man. I'm excited for you. I hope you can see 11's on all motor. That will be awesome. Be sure to post up results!