Dash Question

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yeah it will work but there is a lot of work probaly the easiest way to go about it would be getting the harness from the newer style dash also, the best way i found to mount the top of the dash was a few well place zip ties, and u will need the headlight multifunction swith....... ohh and be ready to strip most the interior and trunk/hatch when u do it
Modify the mounts and it will work with longer self tapping screws. The upper mounts for the pre-87's stick straight out compared to angle in the 87-93's. When I did mine I bent the tabs down and trimmed them off some to clear the duct work. Then held dash up in place and ran longer self tapping screws in. After all screw were in place I found the longer stock 7mm head bolts with the torx bit in the middle and used them. Makes it look more factory appearing...